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Native Warm Season Grass Planting

Grassland cover has always been part of an upland habitat management plan, only recently has it become a key ingredient of a full scale deer management tool. Orion has extensive knowledge in the planting and management of native warm season grasses.

Let us develop a custom planting plan for you farm to complement your field-edge and forest-based food plots. Fawn cover and day-bedding areas are two of the key reasons to include native warm season grasses in your farm’s habitat management planning. Orion can provide the following native warm season grass services:

  • Proper site, grass, and forb species selection for you area
  • Planting either conventional or no-till
  • Pre and post-emerge herbicide application and spot spraying for noxious weed outbreaks
  • Custom burn planning and implementation assistance
  • Stand monitoring to assure species balance