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Wells, Water Delivery Systems & Power Delivery

Once Orion has created a new impoundment or renovated an existing impoundment, let us help you through the well drilling and piping process to assure that your impoundment can be flooded at any time of the year.

Our wells are 4″ or 6″ providing a minimum of 50 gallons per minute of flow. Water for impoundments needs to be low in iron to protect the fertility of your impoundment so it will produce bumper crops for migrating waterfowl. All piping will be underground, 3″ glue together schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Orion can also provide power to your impoundment to operate ice-eaters and pit blind sump pumps. We work with local power companies and cooperatives to determine the most cost effective method to get power where you need it. Our utility contractors complete all underground cable installation and directional boring phases of the power delivery process. Our electricians provide all necessary wiring to your local approved code and delivery all necessary electrical inspections. We install ΕΎ horsepower ice eaters at chosen locations in your impoundments and provide power to your blind locations for sump pumps or on-demand heating systems.

Orion can provide the following services:

  • Wells drilled
  • Underground fill piping systems designed and installed
  • Power service provided to impoundments for ice-eaters and pit blind sump pumps