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Field-Edge Food Plots

The two key ingredients of an upland bird habitat plan are food and cover.

Orion can improve your turkey and quail hunting through the installation of field-edge food plots to provide year-round forage and bugging opportunities on your farm or hunting property. Plots along field edges, in small fields, or hard to reach farm corners are the most popular areas for field-edge plots. These plots do not always need to be planted; fallowed strips or fields are part of each upland bird’s habitat plan. Fallowed areas provide a way to rotate your food plots to improve soil health, allow for native annual plant growth to attract insects, and to provide interim cover areas for spring broods. Orion can provide the following services to get your farm to the next level with turkey management:

  • Food plot land preparation and soil amendments,
  • Plot planting both conventional and no-till,
  • Crop-care through custom herbicide, fungicide and insecticide applications, and
  • Installation of fallowed strips or fields in a food plot rotation.

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