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Blind Construction, Placement & Bushing

Orion can construct, install and bush all types of waterfowl blinds. We have many different models of blinds for you to choose from depending on your blind style preference.

For impoundments we can install concrete block pits in islands or in perimeter dikes or mobile A-frame blinds on platforms. We also offer custom blinds such as hedgerow blinds, marsh blinds, permanent concrete block field pits, and portable A-frame blinds for standing crops.

Orion and also provide bushing and de-bushing services for our customers. Blinds will be bushed with custom grown Switchgrass and Eastern Red Cedars. Following the waterfowl season, all blinds will be de-bushed to prolong the life of your blinds and to prepare for the next hunting season. Custom burning around marsh blinds is also available to stimulate native marsh grass growth to further conceal the blinds.

Orion can provide the following services:

  • Blind construction,
  • Blind placement and pos-season removal, and
  • Blind bushing and post season de-bushing.