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Impoundment Planting

Orion can provide you with a custom planting plan for each of your impoundments. Our staff can implement all or any part of your planting plan.

We can plant corn, soybeans, milo, or our Orion Millet Blend in any fully drainable impoundment. Prior to planting, soil samples will be taken to determine the soil fertility and lime needs. Soil amendments will be applied to the soil test to assure the best production possible. Planting dates and seed varieties will be matched to your fall flooding and hunting schedule. In most cases we use a Roundup Ready weed control program to prevent herbicide carryover problems with other crops.

Orion can also assist you with the management of your moist-soil or native plant-based impoundment. Most of our farms with multiple impoundments choose to have at least one or parts of their impoundments managed for native grass-based waterfowl forage. The management of these impoundments is much different than that of a plant-flood impoundment with different draw-down timing, fertility, tillage, weed control and flooding dates.

An Orion Planting Plan will provide you with different crops, flooded at different times to provide a variety of food sources for migrating waterfowl throughout the entire waterfowl hunting season.

Orion can provide the following services:

  • Impoundment planting, Pre-season custom harvest to “open up” impoundment hunting areas
  • Fertility, lime, and herbicide applications, Flooding and draw-down schedules to match your planting plan